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Website Design Quotes

Design Quotations

Complete this form as fully as possible if you require a quote for website design. Please give as much information as possible, remembering that too much information is always better than not enough! If we don't have enough information to assess the work involved in creating your website, we will be unable to provide a quote.

Quote Request

Your requirements

Please indicate the type of website you require, HTML or Wordpress. If you don't know which is most suitable, select 'not sure' and we will send you our recommendations, based on your description of what you want your website to do.

Plus Pack

If you would like to subscribe to our 'Plus Pack' services, which include 12 months' hosting, maintenance, security and backup management and update services, please tick the box below. This service is available at a fixed price for HTML sites (see our 'services' page), but the cost of these services for WordPress sites are based on the site specification and are priced individually.

Website Description

Tell us about the website you want us to create for you, for example what you want the site to do, what you want visitors to do (or be able to do) and so on. Your description will affect what coding and additional software is required (if any) and so will affect both the time it takes to build your site, and the cost. Please note that if changes are made to the website specification or extra requirements are added after we issue a quote or start work on your website, you may be billed for any extra costs.

Design Brief

Do you already have a written design brief? If you do, please attach a copy to this form - in .doc, .pdf or .txt format only.

What happens next?

Once we receive your order request we will provide confirmation of receipt, usually within 24 to 36 hours, depending on when you submit your quote request. Your request will be passed to our designers who will create an estimate based on your description. This process may take several days, depending on our workload and the complexity of your request. Once it is complete, the quote will be sent to you for your approval.

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