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Website Design Group


As you're reading this page it means you want to know who or what Beendesigned is. The answer is simple; we're a small group of freelance website designers who also happen to be friends. We're currently based in Essex, near Brentwood, but also have designers in London and Milano. We started out designing websites as a hobby when the internet was a lot less crowded, and we still enjoy our work. The first websites we created professionally were for language schools in Italy - at the time we were all living and working in Italy - and we slowly expanded from there. Personal referrals meant that we soon found ourselves inundated with requests to build websites for schools and even individual teachers. In fact, a large part of our work is still in this area. One of our designers is involved with a family-run cattery, and the rest of us are dog owners, so we quickly got involved with designing cattery and kennels websites too.

Although we still create websites for catteries, kennels and animal charities, we design websites for all types of small-medium sized businesses, as well as startups and sole traders.

How we work..

As in so many industries, a growing number of 'website designers' no longer design websites, instead concentrating on getting as many orders as possible and then farming them out to low-cost 'sweatshop' operations in India and Indonesia. As a business model, it's a pretty good idea, and very profitable, but it's not for us. We started designing websites because it was our passion, a profitable hobby, and we still enjoy our work. Each website order we accept is given to an individual designer. From that point onwards, that one designer works on the website through to completion, at which time the design is then tested by two other designers. Our designers only work on one website at a time, and we prefer to work at a relaxed pace, which means we don't accept every order we receive, but means we can pay far more attention to what our clients want. It works for us, and we hope it works for you too!

Need a quote for a website?

Designing for your needs

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Before we start work on building a website for you, and before we even accept your order, we will establish what you want your website to do, what visitors need to be able to do, and what your future requirements are likely to be. Once we have that information, we are able to work out what kind of website you need, and tell you why. In simple terms, we generally build websites with either HTML or WordPress.

All websites are different, and so are the costs of building them. As we don't know how big your site is likely to be, what you want your website to do and what coding or software will be needed, we can't provide you with a price until you request a quote and tell us what you want us to build! We provide personalised quotes, based on your stated requirements.