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Client:Inglese Saronno


Type:HTML Websites

Between 2008 and 2018 we created many websites for this language school group in Italy, one example of which is, the first website we ever created for the group. The Insegnanti-Inglese websites varied in style and represented both the group and also individual teachers. This particular website was created for the Saronno-based teaching group, covering all the services they offered at the time. Like so many websites, Docenti-Inglese needed nothing more complicated than a contact form, which meant it was perfectly suited to be built as an HTML website. The website has proven extremely effective. which is largely why we haven't been asked to update it in the intervening years. All the websites belonging to this group are managed and hosted by us on our own server.

inglese saronno

Costs for a similar site; approximately £350 - depending on page numbers, required features and functionality.

Visit the website now: Docenti-Inglese