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As you're reading this page, you're probably wondering what or who the Beendesigned group is. The answer is simple; we're a small group of freelance website designers based in 3 cities; London, Milan and Barcelona. That's not meant to sound impressive; it's just where we live! We started out designing websites as a hobby when the internet was a lot less crowded, and we still enjoy our work. The first websites we created professionally were for language schools in Italy, and we slowly expanded from there. Personal referrals meant that we soon found ourselves inundated with requests to build websites for schools and even individual teachers. In fact, a large part of our work is still in this area. One of our designers is involved with a family-run cattery, so we got involved with designing cattery websites too. Although we still create a lot of educational websites, along with websites for catteries, kennels and animal charities, we design websites for all types of business.

How we work..

We think our prices are more than affordable, but we know we're not the cheapest out there. We could follow the modern trend and farm out the orders we get to low-cost design factories in places like India and Indonesia, but we don't like that idea. Each website order we accept is given to an individual designer. From that point onwards, that one designer works on the website through to completion, at which time the design is then tested by two other designers. Our designers only work on one website at a time, and we prefer to work at a relaxed pace. It means we don't accept every order we receive, but means we can pay far more attention to what our clients want. It works for us, and we hope it works for you too!

Designing for your needs

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The current trend in website design appears to be to push to push clients towards buying CMS websites. The justification is often that 'you can update your website whenever you want and add as many pages as you like, whenever you like'. It's a valid justification, but an incomplete statement. If you've never had a CMS website before (by CMS we mean things like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal websites) and you start fiddling with the site, it'll be broken in a week. That's more or less a cast-iron certainty. So, one hidden add-on cost to your website will be a training program on how to use it. Either that, or you'll be paying your website designer to fix the website every time you break it. Then there's maintenance, security and the dreaded and continual process of Wordpress (and other system) upgrades. The website that worked yesterday may not work after an update. Which means you'll either have to learn how to manage the website or pay someone to fix it again, and again, for as long as you have the website.

WordPress and other CMS websites are immensely capable things, capable of doing more or less anything, but a huge percentage of clients don't need anything so sophisticated. We like HTML websites and always have. HTML websites rarely break, are not usually targets for hackers, are quick-loading and work well on almost any type of hosting. It's true that they are not as easy to update (our 'Plus pack' includes an update service to cope with this), but they are far less time-consuming. Unless you want to add or rewrite your pages on a regular basis you can more or less 'buy and forget' and HTML website.

Prices for HTML website design are shown on our services page, but CMS websites usually require additional software and coding which is impossible to cost in advance. If you want a CMS website we provide personalised quotes, based on your requirements. We assess your needs and provide you with a quotation based on the work involved, and tell you what keeping it maintained will cost or involve.

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