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Website Design for Small Businesses

The BeenDesigned Website Design Studio is a small design group consisting of a half-dozen freelance website designers and trainers based in London, Milan and Barcelona. That's not meant to impress; it's just where we live! We offer a highly personal service aimed unashamedly at small business owners who want a cost-effective website that doesn't cost the earth.

We specialise in HTML websites, largely because that's what the majority of our clients want or need. We are also happy to create WordPress-based CMS websites if that is what you want or need. As part of our order process we ask clients to describe what they want their website to do, what they want visitors to do or be able to do, and then base our proposals on your instructions. It's quite simple, really.

Unlike many website design studios, we don't concentrate our efforts on collecting as many orders as possible and then farming them out to design students in low-cost centres such as South Asia. Each website order is allocated to a single designer, who will design and build the site from start to finish, before it is tested by another designer prior to delivery. This means we actually restrict the number of orders we accept, to ensure that we don't have more work than we can comfortably manage.

Each new website we design is created by a single designer who will work with you to ensure your website does exactly what you want it to do. Our designers listen to what clients want and need, and take personal pride in ensuring that their designs are effective.

Low maintenance websites

Although our clients come from a wide range of sectors, they usually want more or less the same thing; they want a website which performs a specific task, whether that is selling products online or promoting services, but that doesn't need constant management. You probably don't want to spend hours or even days trying to choose the right hosting for your website and may not want to get involved with website maintenance, security or backups. If you haven't had a website before, you probably don't want to have to learn how to update or add pages to your website.

We have the solution!

We introduced our 'Plus' services for clients who like a simple life. If you opt to take advantage, we host your website on our server for 12 months, deal with website maintenance, security and backups, and also provide an update service for when you want or need to change things on your website. For clients who order HTML websites, this service is available for a flat-rate £75 a year. We offer a similar service for clients who order CMS websites, with prices available on request.

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Design Examples

If you're interested in some of the work we have done over the years, below are a few examples. Rather than only show our more recent designs, we have included a selection of website designs, some old, some new. To read more about a website, click the text. To visit the website itself (in a new frame) click the website address.

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Planning a small business website

Like a successful business, a good business website requires careful planning. Our website design process deals with many of the important aspects. For example, we design websites that are attractive, easy to use and load as quickly as possible, to ensure visitors like using your website. In addition, all new website designs are fully responsive, so they are accessible to visitors using either PCs or mobile browsers. We also take care to optimise your page content, so that it acjieves better results with search engines. However, there are still a few things you need to think about too...

Planning your website

One of the few things we can't do for you is write the content of your pages. It's your website, after all! Before you start writing the page content for your website, try to create a little map of the pages you want. Decide what pages you want on your website, and what you want to say on each page. As a general rule, the front page (called the index page) of a small business website provides an introduction to your business and lets people know what they can expect to find on the rest of your website. You could say that the front page of a business website serves the same function as a shop window, encouraging visitors to enter.

Where possible, other pages should focus on specific, individual topics. For example, if you're planning a website for a kennels and cattery, you might have an 'about us' page with general information about you and your business. You might want a page called 'cattery' with details of your cattery, the accommodation and facilities you offer and so on, and a similar page called 'kennels'. You would probably have a 'prices' page with details of your prices, conditions, payment terms and so on. If you want people to visit your business, you might consider a 'how to find us' page with a map, your business address, telephone number and opening hours. If you're happy to receive online enquiries, you might have a 'make a reservation' or 'contact us' page with forms for visitors to complete, and so on. You might even want to add a photo gallery, with a library of photos of your business and facilities.There are no limits to the number of pages, or what you add to them.