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Website Design Services and Prices

website design

If you are interested in an HTML website, our standard prices, shown below, will usually apply. After we receive a confirmed order, we work with our clients to create a full plan for the website, design the basic layout and then create the pages using the written content and other material given to us, and perform on-page SEO optimisation so that the site performs better in Google searches. Once the website is finished and approved, we provide clients with their website in a zip format, ready for uploading and installing onto web hosting. As a security measure, we also retain a copy of the original files, just in case you damage or lose the original file.

Our HTML website prices are based on the number of pages we build and include any additional scripts for things like image galleries and contact forms (or forms of whatever type). Prices for other items, such as professional stock images or website translations (for multi-lingual websites) are available on request.

Hosting, Maintenance and Security

Not everybody wants to spend their time finding and managing website hosting, dealing with security or maintaining a website, and if you fall into this category we suggest you take advantage of our 'HTML Plus Pack' service. Our Plus service includes 12 months' hosting for your website on our server. We also deal with security, website backups and maintenance issues for you.

Easy Updates

As an added extra, our HTML Plus service includes an update service, so you don't need to learn how to edit HTML code if you want to make changes to your website, change text, add or change photos and so on. The standard service includes 24 updates, two per month (up to 24 a year), which is far more than the average website owner will require. If you want your website to work for you, and not the other way around, our HTML Plus Pack is the ideal solution! Should you want to add extra pages to your website in the future, we also offer this service at a reduced rate.

HTML Website Design

Website design and creation - up to 6 pages£350
Website design and creation - up to 12 pages£600
Website design and creation - up to 24 pages£1000
On-Page SEO OptimisationIncluded

HTML Plus Pack

HTML PLUS PACKCost £75 / year
Security Management and Site BackupsIncluded
Page Updates (24 per year / 2 per month)Included
Up to 20 Email Accounts (max 250 outgoing emails/day)Included
Want to expand your site in the future?
Add extra pages to your site (1-10)£30 each
Add extra pages to your site (10+)£25 each

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wordpress websites

WordPress CMS Websites

Due to the number of optional extras and functions that a WordPress website can include, it simply isn't possible to offer simple flat-rate pricing. Prices for Wordpress CMS websites start at £600, but each website project is priced individually, depending on the amount of work required. It is worth noting that when we give a quote for a WordPress website, the price includes all the work necessary to build your website, including creating all the pages specified at the outset, installing, modifying and setting up any software plugins required in order to make the site function correctly. We are aware that some designers quote prices which include only creating a shell website with a few page templates, leaving their customer to build their own pages. We don't do that.

For quote for a WordPress CMS website, please email us with a detailed explanation of what you require and we will gladly provide you with a quote.

Wordpress Hosting

We are able to offer web hosting to clients who order a Wordpress website from us. Clients are given standard Cpanel server access (to manage server space and files). The cost of this service starts at just £60 a year.

Wordpress Plus

The Wordpress CMS is in a constant state of evolution. The basic program is updated several times a year, with both major and minor updates. With each update, the various plugins used to perform functions on a website also need to be updated in order to ensure continued operation. These updates mean that keeping a Wordpress site updated and running properly can be a time-consuming process. We offer a 'WordPress Plus' service pack to deal with upgrades and site maintenance, but prices for this service are based upon your specific website setup and can be provided on request when we quote for your website.

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Hosting Services

If you choose to take advantage of our hosting services, your website will be hosted on the same UK-based server as this website. We need to guarantee consistent service for our own sites, and those of our other clients, so some restrictions apply to resource use. In simple terms, if your website starts attracting large numbers of visitors and consuming too many resources (server memory, etc) you may be obliged to move to individual hosting. Email facilities are of course included with hosting, but our anti-spam policy means that if we find that your email account is being used to send spam emails, we will exercise our right to (a) disable your email facilities or (b) terminate your hosting without notice.